treeHere is a meditation with the symbol of a Tree. Tree is the perfect symbol for deeply rooted connection and spiritual expansiveness.

Take note of these traits of a Tree: It is grounded, connected, growing, unique, capable of finding nourishment from both the ground and the sky, provides shelter for life, withstands wind and forces of nature, welcome people underneath, its leaves dance in the wind. It’s solid trunk is resilient, powerful, deeply rooted to the earth. expanding and Tree represents wisdom of age and great spiritual connection with a higher power.

Choose your tree

Gently close your eyes and visualize a tree in your mind. It may be a favorite tree from your childhood, a mango tree, a tamarind tree on which you climbed and played around or your favorite pine tree on the parish yard….. When you think of a tree, what tree comes to your mind? What feelings and thoughts does it evoke in you?

Tree Meditation for Inner Peace

Find a comfortable space, a place that you can spend a few moments in meditation and contemplation

Gently close your eyes and take a deep breath in. And exhale. And then one more deep breath in. And this time as you exhale already beginning to see tree.

Visualize your favorite tree, its texture, the bark, hue and liveliness of the leaves. Observe the sunlight, lighting up in space. Trunk – resilient, surviving, sturdy, and powerful. Notice the tree and all that surrounds it. Strong, but also deeply connected. Rooted into the earth, reaching up towards the heavens. As you notice Tree, look at her many branches interconnected. Wind gently rustling the leaves. Birds finding a home in its branches.

Tree standing tall, strong, sturdy. Knowing the strength that resides within. Tree. Wisdom of having seen many things. Many years of experience of withstanding wind and rain.

Become aware of its roots. Knowing exactly how to seek out nourishment, strength, winding its way through the earth. Trunk solid, always continuing to grow. Fully present. Deeply alive.

Each tree – unique, strong, aware of its own inner beauty. Peace. Perfectly balanced. Connected to earth, heavens. Sunlight shining, lit up from that light. Already connecting with tree. Tall, sturdy. Leaves dancing and free. Pure and clear.

And as you inhale, draw in the qualities of the tree. peace and connectedness. And exhale. Feel the tree. And then once again, inhaling, take in wisdom, nourishment, light, deep  grtree of the crossoundedness. And exhaling, feel tree. And then one more inhale,  feel the nourishing roots, nourishment from the sun, absorbing light, and nourishment from the ground below, transforming dirt into manure. And exhale, feel the  tree. And then holding that image of tree, again scanning mind and body, allowing all that tree as healing connection, space and peace to take effect.

Now visualize the tree of the cross with all that it implies as a tree of life, holding you in love, healing you , cleansing you…Be present to Jesus on the cross.. Breath in his love and life.. As you exhale, send vibrations love and peace to the people you love and those you may find difficult to love and to all creatures on the planet. You may continue in that rhythm as long as you feel like.

Before  you wind up be aware of the peace and joy that resides in your heart. Slowly observe your breathing and open your eyes with a smile.

N.B. If you have an actual tree to spend time with, you may choose to do the meditation under it.