Updates from the Heart of Mary School for Formators 2017

Updates from the Heart of Mary School for Formators 2017

Barbastro, Spain. It has been almost two month since the commencement of the Heart of Mary School for formators for the year 2017.  During the course of time, many activities such as: learning, discussions, visits, interactions, etc. have gone into the process of preparing the formators with an experiential knowledge of the charismatic patrimony of the congregation.  Fr. Leo Dalmao, the general prefect of formation and Fr. Jesus Palacios are continuing to accompany the formators. The course is designed in three phases basing Vic, Barbastro and Colmenar Viejo and at present the third phase has just been begun.

Visiting Claretian places and giving the firsthand experience to the formators on how the founder and the congregation grew is one of the aims of the program.  Accordingly, up to now, the formators were able to visit Sallent, Fussimanya, Vic, Viladrau, Espinelvel, Seva, Barcelona, Fontfroide, Barbastro and few other places of importance.  The experience of these visits has made the formators to understand the fact flawlessly in connection with the place.

Familiarity with the Claretian Charismatic source is essential for a formator as he is responsible in guiding the students accordingly. Hence, the formators were helped to acquire better knowledge through various instructing methods on Autobiography of Fr. Claret, the writings of Fr. Claret, the history of the Congregation and General Plan of Formation.  The study on the Constitutions is just begun.  It seems that all these particulars are aiding the formators to become better informed resources.

Formator is to accompany the students.  In order to attain a proficiency in accompanying, the formators were given an opportunity to expand the knowledge and experience in personal accompaniment.  This aspect was thickened with the training given on the formative intervention methods with practical sessions.

As the Congregation moves towards an inter-cultural co-existence at present, the need for an intercultural atmosphere and knowledge among the members is momentously felt.  In view of that, the formators are given ample opportunities to get in touch with different cultures and their richness through instruction and cultural presentations by the formators themselves on their own cultures.  A lot of creativity and variety is seen in each presentation.  Formators, by being together for almost three months and by sharing the different aspect of their own cultures with each other has made a big impact in them already.  The richness they receive is requested to be transmitted to the formandi.

The experience the formators had on the Martyrdom of the Claretians in Barbastro and few other places made an immense impression in them on the idea of mission in the Congregation.  Working for greater glory of God by all means possible was extremely emphasized throughout the sessions.  The same moving experiences were expected to pass on to the student as well.

All what has been learning is being integrated by the formators through the personal and communitarian prayers. The regular sharing and prayerful thoughts during the liturgy are recurrent.  The group of formators and the animators are highly grateful for all the Claretians who have turn out to help the group in numerous ways.

School of the Heart of Mary for Formators 2017

School of the Heart of Mary for Formators 2017

Vic, Spain. The General Prefecture of Formation officially opened its 2017 English Course for Formators at the School for the Heart of Mary last April 18, 2017, at the Claretian Spirituality Center (CESC) in Vic, Spain. Twenty-four formators from thirteen Provinces/Delegations are present. Fr. Leo Dalmao, General Prefect of Formation and Fr. Jesus Palacios are spearheading the conferences. Other Claretians, experts in the field of formation will also join them soon. The course that will end on July 7, 2017, is divided into three phases and locations. From Vic, they will be transferring to Barbastro then end in Colmenar Viejo.

The program aims to form the formators of the Congregation in accordance with the charismatic and formative foundations of our Claretian identity so that they may be more equipped to accompany the formandi in their vocational discernment and growth. The formators are guided in their personal vocational awareness and in facing its many challenges. Likewise, they are also given ample knowledge of the traditions of the Congregation and the spirit of the General Plan of Formation; a time to personalize and learn the Constitutions of the Congregation; a moment to be strengthen in the Word of God; be enriched with the exchange of formative experiences among formators of different parts of the world; and the possibility to develop one’s own skills in understanding and accompanying the formands.

Included in the Program are visits to different Claretian places, study of Claretian sources (Autobiography, constitutions and GPF), prayer integrations, workshops on personal accompaniment, sharing of experiences and cultural richness, and a synthesis paper.

Encuentro de Formadores: AmericaCono Sur

Encuentro de Formadores: AmericaCono Sur


cochabamba 2013Convocados por el Prefecto de Formación de la Provincia de Perú- Bolivia, nos reunimos en la casa de Retiros María Madre de la Iglesia, en Sacaba, Cochabamba, Bolivia, del 28 de enero al 1 de febrero de 2013, los formadores, formandos, Prefectos de Formación y Provinciales del Cono Sur. Participaron en este encuentro los PP. Mario Gutiérrez, Joaquín Medina, Daniel Velázquez, Alberto Ramón, Petronilo Chávez, Luis Villasanti, y los EE. Richar Vera, Acuña, Jesús Troche, de la Provincia San José del Sur; Marcos Loro, Rodrigo Fiorini, Wagner Aragao, Antonio Ferreira y el EE. Cristiano Pedroso de la Provincia de Brasil; y Juan Carlos Bartra, Stalin Gómez, Ricardo Urbano, José Antonio Álvarez, y los EE. Ray Ocola, Cristian Terán, de la Provincia de Perú Bolivia. El tema de nuestro encuentro ha sido el acompañamiento, discernimiento y apostolado en todas las etapas formativas.


Conclusions and Commitments- Meeting of Prefects-Tanzania 2012

Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, 10 – 20 August 2012


The Prefects of Formation of all the major organisms of the Congregation, called together by Fr. Mathew Vattamattam, CMF, the General Prefect of Formation, had their meeting in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania from 10 to 20 August, 2012. The goals of the encounter were to promote a missionary formation that is transformative and to assist formators in guiding the formees in their journey towards conformity with Christ through the interiorization of the fundamental values of consecrated life (MFL 63.1).


Opening Address of the General Prefect-Tanzania 2012

Opening Address

Meeting of the Prefects of Formation, August 10-20, Dar Es Salaam

Dear Brothers,

We have come from different parts of the world as Claretians entrusted with the task of assisting the respective organisms in the animation and accompaniment of the missionaries in their formative journey. It is a time our congregation is going through a period of transition marked by the process of reorganization and the emergence of a new demographic face of the congregation due to the diversity of origins of her new members. Besides, we find ourselves beset with the opportunities and challenges posed by the post modern, global culture of our times.