Encontro Ibérico ee Estudantes Claretianos-Fatima-2012

Encontro Ibérico ee Estudantes Claretianos-Fatima-2012


Nos dias 13, 14 e 15 de Abril de 2012, a Casa de Acolhimento de Espiritualidade de Fátima acolheu os Estudantes Claretianos da Península da Ibéria.

Por Volta das 18h e 30 minutos chegou o primeiro grupo dos participantes vindos da Terra do P. Fundador, Catalunha (3). Quando eram 19h chegaram os restantes participantes de Portugal tendo em conta que alguns permaneceram no local depois de terem participado na Assembleia Provincial (6). Às 19h e 15, chegam os participantes de Granada (9) e por fim chega o grupo maior de Colmenar Viejo (18). No total eram 36 participantes: 9 Postulantes, 18 Estudantes, 4 Diáconos e 5 Padres. Depois de uma calorosa receção e instalação, a hora marcada (às 20h), encontramos todos na sala de jantar para restauração das forças perdidas durante a viagem. Depois do jantar combinou-se hora certa para o primeiro trabalho: A Apresentação dos Participantes e do Encontro (21h15. Notou-se uma grande riqueza intercultural porque havia jovens de 4 continentes: Europa, Africa, Ásia e América.


Claretian Week-Model Themes and Suggested Sources for Study

Some formation centers requested the General prefecture to propose some themes for the celebration of Claretian week each year. As the formative needs and cultural contexts of formation centers vary, it would be more helpful if the respective formation centers choose relevant Claretian themes suited to their needs and deepen them each year. The following themes are presented below to orient those centers that look for some ideas.

  1. St. Claret- At the service of life
  2. The missionary vocation of Claret
  3. Holy Eucharist in Claretian life
  4. Martyrial dimension of Claretian Charism (more…)

Claretian Study Week-Guidelines

Claretian Study Week

To the formation Prefects, formators and Claretians in formation,

We are heirs of a great spiritual and missionary patrimony from our father Founder St. Anthony Mary Claret and a great many exemplary missionaries and martyrs who cherished and lived out our prophetic call heroically in the Church. We need to create opportunities for our young missionaries in formation to draw from these treasures to know and love our Founder and our spiritual heritage more deeply.

The encounter of major superiors in Vic in 2004 endorsed wholeheartedly the proposal to hold a Claretian study week in all our formation centres every year. The claretian week is meant to be a time of intense study and spiritual search to know the Claretian sources better and grow in our vocational convictions and sense of belongingness. I Hope the guide lines that follow will be helpful to achieve this goal. Please, feel free to use your own creativity and resources to conduct the Claretian study week in ways best suited to your context. But, see to it that the purpose is achieved and the fruits of your efforts are made available for the benefit of others in the Congregation.