Called to be a Son

Called to be a Son

sonsJoseph Jeyaseelan, CMF

Sri Lanka

 We call ourselves as servants of the Word. Since servant-hood in the common secular use of the term bears nuances to lack of dignity and freedom, the expression servant may give the impression that we are people without dignity and freedom. Fortunately and truly it is not the case. The word servant in no way implies servitude, slavery or subservience. We are servants in the sense that we are called to be at the service of the Word of God in the world as missionaries. Being servants is our response to the missionary call we have received in the Congregation and it is not the core element of our being.


Study of the Life of Claret- Phases 9&10

NINETH PHASE ( 1856 & 1861 – 1868)
Martyrial Dimensión : “In Cruce Vivo et in Cruce Cufio Morí” (aut 658)
(On the cross I have lived and on the cross I wish to die)
P. Jesús Bermejo

This phase started already at Holguin in 1856 – but in these last years the martyrial aspect would be increasing considerably converting itself to a kind of persecutionist wave.

1. “Great Grace”

The conservation of the Eucharistic Species (grace obtained at the Church of St. Ildefons of La Granja on 26 Aug. 1861: Deep configuration with Christ in the mystery of his redeeming sacrifice. (more…)

study of the Life of Claret-Phases 7&8

SEVENTH PHASE (1850 – 1857)
Pastoral Dimension : Missionary Pastor or Pastoral Missionary

P. Jesús Bermejo

  1. Special Grace

    Claret receives a special grace the content of which we are not aware of, but is in connection with his pastoral mission, as he is doing mission in Gerona in April 1850: ‘During those days God our Lord made me understand some very special things for his greater glory and the good of souls.’ (Aut 498) (more…)

Study of the Life of Claret-Phase-6

SIXTH PHASE( 1841-1849, 1855 & 1858)
Fundamental Dimensión: ‘do with Others What He Alone Couldn’t Do

P. Jesús Bermejo

1. Grace of Apostolic Fecundity

God granted Claret a particular charism in the Church through the Holy Spirit: that of a special apostolic fecundity. Charism of a founder is mediation through the work of the Holy Spirit and it moves him to form missionaries and create numerous institutions to promote Christian faith and charity and to spread the Good News. (more…)

Study of the Life of Claret-Phase-5

FIFTH PHASE (1839 – 1849)
Dimension of Universality : ‘My Spirit is for the Whole World”

P.Jesús Bermejo

1. Initial Grace : Explosion of Missionary Longings

His entire desire was to go far, proclaim the Gospel and to shed his blood for Jesus Christ.

2. Operative Decision : Go to Rome for Being Sent (more…)

Study of the Life of Claret-Phase-4

FOURTH PHASE (1831-1841)
Vocation of Apostolic Missionary : Clarification of ‘Homo Apostolicus
P. Jesús Bermejo

In the first stage of search and being an extrovert, Anthony child, adolescent and young man had two very strong and determining experiences as we have seen:

1. Strong experience of God, or in general, of Christian religion experienced in a lively way. (more…)