October 24 is the day most eagerly awaited by the Claretians around the world. This is the day full of joy. And so with the Community of Wisma Skolastikat Claretian Yogyakarta.

The community opened a series of events with the Eucharistic Celebration led by Fr. Gusti, CMF, with Fr. Bosco, CMF, Fr. Pascal, CMF, and Fr. Dami Eko, CMF. The Holy Mass which lasted for 90 minutes was followed by different activities and presentations – presentations prepared by the brothers, singing, Claret Idol, a song from by Mr. Muji, our leader of Neighbourhood Head, a poem performed by Sr. Pepin RMI, and other group presentations.

This celebration of joy was attended by Mr. Suratman, Head of Hamlet, Mr. Muji the neighbourhood head, RMI Community and the people who regularly attend daily mass in the community.

Happy feast and Viva Claret!

Harry, CMF