Claretian Study Week

To the formation Prefects, formators and Claretians in formation,

We are heirs of a great spiritual and missionary patrimony from our father Founder St. Anthony Mary Claret and a great many exemplary missionaries and martyrs who cherished and lived out our prophetic call heroically in the Church. We need to create opportunities for our young missionaries in formation to draw from these treasures to know and love our Founder and our spiritual heritage more deeply.

The encounter of major superiors in Vic in 2004 endorsed wholeheartedly the proposal to hold a Claretian study week in all our formation centres every year. The claretian week is meant to be a time of intense study and spiritual search to know the Claretian sources better and grow in our vocational convictions and sense of belongingness. I Hope the guide lines that follow will be helpful to achieve this goal. Please, feel free to use your own creativity and resources to conduct the Claretian study week in ways best suited to your context. But, see to it that the purpose is achieved and the fruits of your efforts are made available for the benefit of others in the Congregation.

1. General Objective: To deepen the knowledge and experience of our charismatic heritage by study, reflection and prayer on Claretian themes.

2. Specific objectives:

that the formandi acquire

          Greater knowledge of the Founder and develop love and affinity to him with due interiorization of the values that Claret stood for.

          Greater appreciation of the theological and historical evolution of the Claretian life and mission

          Age appropriate reflection and interiorisation of the Claretian missionary Charism

          Greater awareness of our universal mission and our role in the Church

3. Venue

All formation centres. It may be arranged by different centres together when convenient

4. Duration: 3-5 days

5. Organization

We suggest that the organisms form a team to plan and organize the days so as to reach the objective. The choice of appropriate days and means are to be discerned at the level of major organisms and centres of formation.

6. Suggested Methods:



Presenting papers

Quiz competitions

Dramatization, role play, action songs

Group Discussions

Prayer sessions, guided meditations

Other creative means

7. Sharing the fruits of the Study week

            I request the formation prefects to send the creative fruits of the celebrating the Claretian Week ((summary of the study, seminar papers, reflections, poems, action songs etc. ) to the the spirituality center (CESC) in Vic and to the general prefecture of formation. The Spirituality Center would facilitate the sharing of the materials.

Address of CESC

The Director,

Claretian Spiritutality Centre

Sant Antoni Maria Claret 8, 08500 Vic, Barcelona, Spain


Wish you fruitful celebration of the Claretian week each year

Mathew Vattamattam cmf

General Prefect of Formaiton