Kattuwa, Srilanka, 26-31, May, 2015.

cmfweek-srilnkaa-2015As proposed by the General Prefecture of Formation we have celebrated the Claretian week at the Delegation Level for the first time in Sri Lanka. It was arranged to facilitate all the students in all stages of formation. The spirituality committee of the Dependent Delegation was organizing this event. The event was planned in two phases.

The first phase took in each formation house from May 26 to 28. Then all the students from Claret Nivas , Kandy and Claret Aham, Jaffna came to St. Claret Seminaryat Kattuwa for the second phase of the program organized at the level of the Delegation. It took place on May 30th and 31st.. The theme chosen for the program was “Called to Evangelize: Witnesses and Messengers of the Joy of the Gospel”. The students were made aware of the XXV General Chapter and the History of the Chapters in the Congregation.

The celebration of Claretian week gave ample opportunities to the students to bring out their creativity and express their talents during the Talent show in their respective communities. They were also asked to exhibit their art works and writings when they came together at Kattuwa. The best items were selected and awarded. Before the presentation of the whole history of the chapters there was an interesting event to surprise the students on 30th May.. Over Skype the General Prefect of Spirituality, Fr. Gonzalo Fernandez, and the General Prefect of Formation, Fr. Mathew Vattamattam, shared about the itinerary of the congregational renewal after Second Vatican Council and the objectives of the General Chapter. There was also time for dialogue when students asked several questions. The students were given sometime for working in groups.

Finally there a general group quiz which checked the grasp of the students by asking questions related to all that they have studied, heard and seen during this Claretian week. According to the students, it was well arranged and helped them to appreciate the charismatic wealth of our Congregation. Many commented that such a gathering reinforced their belongingness to the congregation and gave them enormous courage to go ahead.

–          Fr. Jude Behin