Some formation centers requested the General prefecture to propose some themes for the celebration of Claretian week each year. As the formative needs and cultural contexts of formation centers vary, it would be more helpful if the respective formation centers choose relevant Claretian themes suited to their needs and deepen them each year. The following themes are presented below to orient those centers that look for some ideas.

  1. St. Claret- At the service of life
  2. The missionary vocation of Claret
  3. Holy Eucharist in Claretian life
  4. Martyrial dimension of Claretian Charism
  1. St. Claret: At the service of Life

(Based on the theme of the General Chapter document That they may have life)

Possible topics that could be studied

  • Claret’s God experience and vocation (His experience of the God of life)
  • Living to give life: Mission of Claret and Claretians
  • Claret’s celebration of life: Eucharist as the fountain of his spiritual life
  • Giving up life to gain life: The Martyr dimension of Claretian life, Martyrs of the congregation
  • Sharing life in a community of evangelizers: team work and community life in Claret
  • Claretians in the 3rd millennium- our mission in a situation of violence and terrorism
  • Heart of Mary, spring of life. Mary the mother who nurtures our missionary life

For students of initial levels of formation it may be helpful to suggest simpler topics as follows:

2. The missionary vocation of Claret

(based on Men on Fire with Love)

Possible topics:

  • Claret’s childhood.
  • Claret a young man in search of meaning
  • Role of Claret’s family in his vocation
  • The Spain of Claret’s times
  • The personality of Claret
  • Claret’s vocational discernment
  • factors that influenced his formation
  • Claret’s preparation for ordination



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3. Holy Eucharist in Claretian life.

Themes related to the Eucharist based of Claret’s writings, our documents and the recent teachings of the Church are great sources for our study and reflection.

Suggested readings:

Constitutions: 35, 12, 83:

Commentary to constitutions: Vo.2, pp. 494-505; 217, vol. 3, pp. 567-575

Autobiography: consult the index for the relevant numbers.

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4. Giving up our life for Christ: Martyrial dimension of Claretian Charism

Claret’s desire to seal his proclamation of the Word by shedding his blood for Christ was partially

fulfilled at Holguin. But his whole life is a wonderful example of dying to himself to conform to Christ. Our congregation had lived through Calvary at different times when hundreds of our brothers met with brutal torture and martyrdom. The martyrs of Barbastro and Fr. Andreas Sola are testimonies recognized by the church. What does it mean for us to life our fidelity to Jesus today?

Themes related to martyrs and suffering for Christ would help us to know our martyrs closer and our own vocation deeper.

Suggested readings:

Autobiography: consult the index on suffering, Persecution for relevant numbers

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Barbastro Martyres

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Letter of Fr. General march 28, 2005