meditating the crucifiedA Meditation of Communion

(This meditation is effective after communion or at a time you want to immerse yourself in the presence of the Lord. If it is done after communion, skip the first two numbers.)

Sit on a chair or squat on the floor comfortably. See that your spine is straight and assume a very relaxed posture.

  1. Take a deep breath and as you exhale, begin to relax your body deeply. Take another breath an relax little more and continue relaxing deeply according the rhythm of your breathing. If any part of your body is tense, become aware of it and breath into them gently to release the tension and move into deeper relaxation. Imagine the life energy freely flowing through your body.. replenishing every cell with vital energy. Become aware of the longings of your body for relatedness, contact….affection.
  2. Take another deep breath and as you exhale, relax your mind. Let all your thoughts, worries and preoccupations dissipate and let your mind enjoy a calm state of relaxation. If any thoughts emerge, just notice them and release them. Become aware of your longing to be loved and to love, to be in touch with others… your longing for connectedness.
  3. As you observe your breathing, bring your awareness to deep in to your heart centre located in the middle of your chest.. Be in touch with this inner sanctuary, the cave of your heart which.. be aware of your heart’s longings for love without limits, for unveiled truth and beauty supreme. Become aware of the presence of the Lord who dwells in your inner sanctuary and gratefully acknowledge His presence. Allow yourself to be loved from deep within… loved as you are… without limits.  

He has called you by name and You are His (Is.43.1). Open yourself willingly for His love, for the gift of your life, the power and authority entrusted in ministry, the healing, and forgiveness you have received. Express to Him your love, worship, gratitude, surrender.

  1. Once again imagine your inner core and make use of the images of fire or fountain of water to be in touch with your inner gift of love. Feel your heart centre burning with the fire of His love (“a man of fire with God’s love..”- St. Claret) or spring of living waters (Jn. 4. 14). Stay for a while to be in touch with the joy and peace that fills your heart centre.
  1. Now imagine that the fire moves down to your solar plexus centre, the centre of power and external ego definition. Allow the fire of love to purify your hurts, anger, inferiority, jealousy.. You are at ease with yourself beyond your positions and power. Feel the beauty of your being yourself as loved for what you are, valued for what you are in your interior nudity.. Feel the healing of your ego wounds, calmness of a settled ego grounded in the Lord, in his truth and Goodness. Feel that your anger, jealousy and inferiority are evaporated and you experience yourself settled within.
  2. Now let the fire of love move to your sex centre (spleen) at the middle of your groins. Surrender your desires, passions and impulses to be assumed by the power of God’s love. Let your procreative energy be purified and restored to empower and affirm oneself and others. You are at ease and grateful for your, appetites, sexual energy, the fire in your body, now offered and assumed into His love…
  3. Imagine the fire of love moving down to the root centre, at the base of your spine. Surrender all your raw energy and life force to the fire of God’s love. Feel that the energy in your limbs is purified and gathered to be placed at the service of love.
  4. Now imagine that the fire of love moves up from the heart centre to the throat centre in the neck. Surrender your communication, creativity to the fire of love to purify and empower so as to communicate love, goodness and peace.. Feel this centre revitalized in the flow of the fire of love.
  5. Now move your awareness to the forehead (brow) centre. Feel this centre caught fire with God’s love and all your ideas, projects and thoughts are surrendered, assumed and purified in the fire of God’s love.
  6. Bring your awareness now to the top centre (crown) above your head. Feel yourself enveloped in the fire of his love, bathed in His goodness and love.
  7. Once again bring your awareness into your heart centre. Feel the fullness His love that fills your being. Now you want to share what you have in your heart with others in the world Become aware of your connected with others       and send vibrations of love, peace and goodness to each of them one by one. Feel that connection from your inner self.
  8. Imagine that you send from the fullness of your heart love, peace and goodness to the pope and your religious leaders. Feel your communion with them. Do the same with those in your community and those who share life with you at local level and your confreres all over the world.
  9. Feel your communion with your parents, family people, friends and dear ones, sending them vibrations of love, peace and goodness.
  10. Imagine the world leaders, people afflicted in different parts of the world and feel united with people of good will to create a better world and send vibrations of love, peace and goodness to the suffering, lonely and marginalized. Feel and vibrate your solidarity with them.
  11. Once again bring your awareness to your heart centre and the presence of the Lord within you. Stay for a moment in gratitude and proceed to conclude the meditation by focussing on your breathing and then to your surrounding. Slowly open your eyes with a smile.