Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. Convened by the Government of the Independent Delegation of the Antilles, the gathering of the Missionaries who are in or within the ten years of Perpetual Profession in the Congregation (“Dicenio”) was held at the Fussimanya Spirituality Center, Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. In addition to the presence of the two consultants, Fr. Fausto Cruz Rosa, Prefect of Formation and Fr. Demuel Tavárez Rosa, Prefect of the Apostolate, 12 missionaries from the four countries that make up the Delegation participated.

Fr. Miguel Angel Velasco, from the Province of Santiago, accompanied them and offered them an exposition on our charismatic identity, centered on the six charismatic traits that identify us as Claretian Missionaries: the Community; Missionaries with spirit, hearers and servants of the Word of God; sent to evangelize and listen to the poor; in communion with the whole Church; Open to the whole world and in prophetic dialogue.