Develop your self-discipline

selfdispWelcome to this online course on developing your skills for better self discipline!

Self-discipline is a  fundamental skill you need to take care of for your own formation and personal growth.  

One of the areas of personal struggle for many of us is that of self-discipline. We get easily distracted and dispersed with so many interests and activities, and in the end we may remain with a sense of emptiness and self-blame. Many of our good decisions remain merely desires.  Can we change this predicament?

People who have contributed tremendously to the society and to their communities are people who have cultivated greater self-discipline and strength of character. Think of blessed Pope John Paul II, Mother Teresa or great scientists, musicians, artists who have enriched the world with their gifts. We are beneficiaries of their contribution to the world, a contribution made possible by their hard work and personal discipline which enabled them to respond to the work of the Holy Spirit in their lives.

Have you sometimes felt the need to strengthen your inner powers to implement your good intentions and aspirations and make a difference in your life and that of others? Does your personal history have  a list of many unaccomplished tasks that you regret now?  Think of a situation when you can:

  • finish your planned duties or assignments in time.
  • not having to rush in the last minute to finish your preparation for exams, writing papers etc.
  • do not have to ask excuses for not fulfilling your promises or accepted responsibilities.
  • be in time for appointments.
  • do your meditation and prayers with ease and joy
  • carry out your study and ongoing formation according to your personal project.
  • Protect your life journey from being distracted by trivial matters and keep yourself tuned to your long term and short term goals and ultimately to your purpose in life.

selfdisplWell, it is possible. You need resilience to make decisions and start working towards accomplishing your chosen goals. Self-discipline helps you to persevere in your goals and decisions.

If you give some time each day until you complete the modules in this course, you will be able to organize your life and work better. Test and see for yourself the practical advantages of the principles proposed in these modules.

This online course is aimed at helping you to develop your will power and cultivate self-discipline so as to become more effective in your life and mission. We follow a practical step by step program to achieve this goal.   

If your profession requires more of your initiatives and creativity, this course is going to help you very much to plan your goals and work towards their realization.

An on line course to develop self discipline and will power

  •   Based on psycho spiritual wisdom of the past
  •   Supported by modern  Psychological  methods
  •   practical  exercises to move from theory to practice


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Abraham Harold Maslow, Motivation and Personality, New York Harper and Row, 1970
Remez Sasson, Will Power and Self-Discipline, E-book


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