iberia conferenceJuly 26-30,2013, Province of Euskel Herria

The annual meeting of the Prefects of formation and the formators of Iberia From 26 to 30 July, 2013, was held at the Claret residence of Atalaia. This time the meetings was also open to other Claretian organisms in Europe.

The participants of the meeting were: Almeida, Remualdo Vincent de Sousa (Portugal); Armengol, Josep (Catalonia); Hernández, José María (Betica); Kamiruaga, Joseba (Euskal Herria); Lamarca, Juan Antonio (Betica); Przybylo, Lukasz (Poland); Sanz, Jose Ramon (Santiago); Wolf, Stefan (Germany); Zanga, Pierre (France).

The theme of the meeting was as follows: 1. – The impact of social media and social networks in human beings today (Thoughts and culture that surrounds this issue today such as cyber-Antropology, digital culture or cyber culture and digital ethnography or cyber-ethnography) 2. – How to face this reality and place it from the initial formation for consecrated life and provide some clues to place . The facilitator of this topic was Alfredo Hernando.

The meeting began on July 26th evening in the Residence of Atalaia Claret with the welcome and presentation of the participants. The next two days (27th and 2th morning) we dedicated to the theme with the help of Alfredo Hernando. On 28th evening the Claretians dealt with some issues related to the theme in the context of Europe.

On 29the July the participantsvisited some cultural and religious places of the Basque Country specifically the birthplace of St. Ignatius of Loyola (in the morning) and the Sanctuary of Aranzazu (in the afternoon). In both places we got the help and guidance of a Jesuit and a Franciscan respectively. The Eucharist we celebrate in the chapel of the conversion of St. Ignatius of Loyola.

The meeting concluded on the 30th July with morning prayer and Eucharist.

Fr. Joseba Kamiruaga cmf