Ranchi-Roma, 19 de marzo de 2012

video conferencingFr. Maria Joseph, formator of Ranchi pre-novitiate (Chennai province) organized a video conference for about ten minutes over skype with the General prefect of formation Fr. Mathew Vattamattam. The 40 pre-novices could interact with Fr. Mathew as they watched the video projected on a large screen. The conference was conducted on an experimental basis. The new technology has brought the General prefecture closer to this formation house situated in a village in the state of Jharkahand, India. As the academic year ends there in the month of March, the students were busy preparing for exams.

As this initiative was a success, F. Maria Joseph is planning to organize other video conferences in the next academic year. The formees were also able to interact with Fr. Felix, the previous superior who is now studying in Madrid. The formation house in Ranchi where most students are from the tribal population of North India is innovative in many fronts. In 2010 all the three formators were sent to Vic to attend the school of the heart of Mary to be formed together as a team of formators.