jesusThe last General chapter called for all efforts to qualify initial formation by giving special attention to the preparation and dedication of formators (MFL 63).

It has also proposed the use of information tech at the service of evagelization (MFL61.4) . We have encountered many difficulties in updating and rendering the web page make it an easily accessible for formators and students. Besides, progress in the field of distant education has made it possible to consider supplementary programs through online courses. The renewed formation web page has included such facilities.

Effective selection, formation and empowerment of personnel in order to meet the objectives of a group is fundamental to its relevance and vitality in the human society. Selection and Training of formators who are going to influence the shaping of our future missionaries is of paramount important for our future. Remember:

Jesus spent most of his time with the twelve chosen disciples and accompanied them in their faith journey. These twelve, empowered by the Spirit of the risen Lord, went in mission to all over the world.

Claret attests to the importance his bishop Corcuera gave to the seminarians in in Vic. Claret himself gave priority attention to the formation of priests in Cuba, Spain and gave lot of attention to the training of Claretians.

Every field of human activity takes utmost care in the training their personnel because their survival in a competitive society depends on the quality of this training.  They invest a lot on the training of these trainers because any training is as good as the quality of these trainers.

Perhaps,  priestly and religious formation is one of the longest in duration, but less effective in terms of reaching its goals.

It is high time that we give much attention to the formation of  formators to assure effective formation in our centers of formation. The following are a few guidelines proposed in the meeting of major superiors in Colminar Viejo (2010).

1.Natural grace for formation ministry (Cf. GPF 108-109): credibility of lived life, spiritual maturity and relational skills for empathy & empowerment.

2. Pastoral experience, if possible in a challenging/difficult mission context (minimum 2-3 years)

3. Some level of Experience and expertise in claretian charism and patrimony (School of the heart of Mary in Vic for formators aims at it.)

4. Specialization/training  in any area of study to enable the formator to participate in the academic preparation of the formandi when required.

readycmf5.  At least a minimum level of training in spiritual direction and formative accompaniment. Formative courses ranging from six months to one year at a stretch or distributed within a few years are available in many countries to meet this need.

The core of formation is one’s God experience (encountering the Risen Lord) which transforms one’s own life and acts as a catalyst for transformation in others. All formative programs (for forming formators as well as formees) become effective in the measure they serve as vehicles of transformation of the persons in and through the Spirit of Christ.