Formators Encounter Ascla East

Ascla East FormatorsJanuuary 19-26, 2012
The formators of Ascla East came together in Claret Spirituality center in Manila for seven days  for a seminar on formation. 17 participants from the major organisms of Phillipines, Indonesia and East Asia participated in the event. Fr. Mathew Vattamattam, General prefect of formation and Fr. Leo Dalmao, provincial of Phillipines, were present in the encounter and animated some sessions. 

The province of Phillipines headed by Fr. Resty, the provincial prefect of formation arranged the seminar that dealt with the following formative themes which were presented by different resource persons:
Accompaniment in formation –  Fr. Karen San Juan SJ
Eucharistic formation – Fr. Vic Sadaya cmf
Discernment in formation- Fr. Leo Dalmao cmf
Transformative formation and
formative interventions.  Fr. Mathew Vattamattam cmf
There were eight participants from Philippines, five from Indonesia, two from Vietnam and one from China.  The week long seminars of formators at regional levels aim at reaching to all the missionaries working in formation centers to have a common vision of formation and to work together in order to improve the programme of initial formation (MFL 63).

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