The Holy Spirit: Our Constant Companion

(Teacher’s Manual)

1. Goal: To recognize the enlightening presence of the Holy Spirit who shows us the way to life in its fullness and to get the students acquainted with a constant companionship with Him.

2. Objectives:

            i) To help the students to become more aware about the presence of the Holy Spirit in their lives.

            ii) To help the students to make right choices with the help of the Holy Spirit.

            iii) To help the students to discover the Holy Spirit as a person and to help them to journey with Him as their constant companion.

iv) To enable the students to deepen their faith in the works of the Holy Spirit through out their lives.     

3. Materials required: Blackboard, chalk, duster, Bible, handouts for the students,

papers, pens, etc.

4. Target group: class IX- Sunday School students.

5. Time: Two sessions (45 minutes each)

6. Guidelines for each session

            Welcome the students with joy. You should have the strong awareness that you are going to speak about the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the best teacher. You are only an instrument. So be prepared yourself for the complete guidance of the Holy Spirit. Create an atmosphere of silence in order to receive the inspirations of the Holy Spirit. The class must start with a short prayer or a hymn to the Holy Spirit. Or you can ask the students to concentrate on their breathing for two minutes and do aware of the divine presence in them.






6.1 Make the unknown known (5 minutes)

            Ask the students to write some of the main characteristics of a human person. Give two minutes to write and after that tell them to share what they wrote to other two friends who are sitting near to them. When the sharing is over ask some of them to read

it loudly in the class and make the comments about that. The discussion should end with mentioning the divine person especially the Holy Spirit.

6. 2 Let us look at the Word of God (12 minutes)

            There are ten selected Bible quotations are given in the text. You can divide the students into different groups of at least three. Give each group the handouts of the quotations and ask them to prove that Holy Spirit is a person. After the discussion each group will present their findings and you have to write it on the black board. From these findings you begin to explain the personality of the Holy Spirit.

6. 3 Deepening of the Word of God (25 minutes)

            Explain the text to the students. As a summarisation of what you explained, ask the students to go back to their groups and share what they understood from this session, summarise them and present in the class.

6. 4 The gifts of the Holy Spirit (10 minutes)

            After explaining the gifts of the Holy Spirit Worksheet-I is given to each student and asked them to fill in the personal column: Gifts that I think I possess. After this they are asked to pair off with one whom they trust or known to him / her. The second column is filled by the friend: Gifts that I possess according to my friend.


6.5 How to make good choices? (8 minutes)

The story given in the text (or any other similar type) should be narrated to the students. It should be an open ended story. So ask the students to complete it using their own imagination, value systems etc. Give enough time to complete and when all finished asks them to answer the questions given. This can be done by two by two by choosing those who sitting near as their companion.

            Narrate the incident given in the text (or similar incident). Then ask them the given questions. Give freedom to share their answers to their friends who are sitting their right and left.


            Ask one of the students to read the Bible passage loudly in the class. Then divide them into different groups and send them with the given questions for a deep discussion. Allow them to present their reports in the class and help them to become aware of the importance of right choices in their lives. You can also use the parable of ten virgins from Mathew 25, 1-13 for more awareness of the right choices. According to the availability of the time, instead of discussion in the groups you can also narrate the Bible passages briefly and ask them to share their findings.

6.6 Deepening of the Word of God (7 minutes)

            After explaining the text, give Worksheet-II to the students. It is for personal reflection and the students have to fill it sincerely.

6.7 Let us relive the Word of God (20 minutes)

            Make the students more aware of the presence of the Holy Spirit in their lives. They should get the conviction about the works of the Holy Spirit in their lives. Help them to make good choices. Give each group the title of each task and ask them to find out their lacking in that task and to provide remedy for that by making a good decision. It is good to summarise the whole class at the end. The session should be concluded with a prayer. The given ‘Litany of surrender to the Holy Spirit’ can be recited or you can have a spontaneous prayer.








7. Points for further deepening:

            The following Bible passages can also be used for further deepening:

                                    Luke 1, 26-38             – Annunciation

                                    Luke 1, 39-45             – Visitation

                                    Luke 4, 1- 13             – Temptation of Jesus

                                    John 3, 1-8                  – Nicodemus

                                    Acts. 7, 54-60             – Stephen

Acts. 5, 1ff                  – Ananias and Saphira


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