St. Anthony Mary Claret College, Quezon city:

jpic seminarThe JPIC commission of the Apostolate of the province of Philippines hosted a half day seminar on Saturday 16th November, 2012, in St. Anthony Mary Claret college for all the Claretian formees in Manila. The participants were the students of the Theology house, students of Claret college, postulants, formators, some of the professors of the college, Claretian sisters and the collaborators of CUPA (Claretian Urban Poor association). Fr. Angel Calvo cmf who is at the forefront of the peace movement in the conflict ridden Mindanao region was the resource person.

Fr. Larry Miranda, the JPIC coordinator and Fr. Eduardo Apungan, the prefect of apostolate, gave introductory reflections to situate the theme in the context of Claretian formation and mission. Fr. Calvo dealt with the following topics:

1. Claretian documents on JPIC and practice

2. Our Mindanao Mission (Basilan, Tungawan, Zabida)

3. the GRP-Bangsamoro framework for a future peace-agreement

jpic seminar2Fr. Calvao who has been in the Philippines for the last 40 years spent most of his year working mostly in the midst of violence, kidnapping and killing in the Mindanao region. His life and mission has contributed much to promote peace and reconciliation among the parties in conflict in the region. He also insisted on the need to develop the sensitivity of JPIC during formation in order to live our missionary commitment meaningfully. Fr. Mathew Vattamattam, the General prefect of formation who was also present on the occasion reiterated that without growing in our sensitivity to JPIC concerns, we would not grow in our Claretian vocation.