jesus meditatingCentering Meditation with the question “Who am I?”

Take a comfortable posture (sitting on a chair or squatting on the floor) with your back straight and eyes closed, hands placed comfortably in a meditative posture.

  • Become gratefully aware of your being in the presence of the Lord in whom you live, move and have your being. Breath in and breath out for a few times with the awareness of this presence.
  • Listen to the all the sounds that surround you… the distant and loud sounds first and those that are closer…just be aware of the sound and the nature that is around you.
  • Slowly bring your awareness to the room or place that you are in… listen to the immediate sounds…the clock in the room, the sound of your own breathing…etc.
  • Now become aware of your clothing and its touch on your skin…You are covered, protected, kept warm by your clothing…You know that you are not your clothing. It is yours and you feel yourself in the clothing. But you know you are more than that.
  • Bring your attention to your body…from head to foot…slowly scanning though and relaxing…become aware of the wonderful gift of your body…hair on your head, forehead… brain and its subtle sensations.. eyes…cheeks, nose and the air that goes in and goes out…your mouth, tongue, jaw loose and free…Relax and be grateful for them. Become aware of your neck and move your attention to your backbone from the upper side to the bottom, slowly scanning though with your awareness.. then your shoulders…hands…fingers…relax and be grateful.. Now be aware of your chest.. your lungs expanding and contracting as you breath… your heart beating in a rhythmic way…relax and be grateful. Now move on to your abdomen, internal organs…feel the stomach walls rising up and down as you breath…bring your awareness into your pelvic region…groins…relax and be grateful…focus your attention on your thigh muscles…knees, ankles and feet…relax and be grateful…
  • Feel your whole body as you breath in and breath out…You have a wonderful body that allows you to be in contact with the world and experience yourself visibly and tangibly. But you are not just your body…You have a body.. Then who are you?..
  • Now feel the life energy flowing through your body as you breathing in and breath out.. You are alive.. Feel the life energy in you.. You have life.. but you are more than your vegetative life. Then who are you?..
  • Become aware of your mind.. your faculty of thinking and imagining. Bring to mind your past…as a child at home with your patents. Be aware of you at the present moment meditating… Imagine yourself in the future as a missionary with the people in an active mission. Imagine the sky and the stars.. the sea the fishes in it.. Through your mind you have gone to the past, present and future, to far and wide, to above and beneath. You have a wonderful gift of your mind… But you are not just your mind. You are more than that…Then who are you?…
  • Be in touch with your state of mind… your present mood… become aware of your faculty of emotions.. your anger and affections. Remember a time when you were angry and hostile.. you were in love or close to people… feeling sad… be in touch with your affective dimension. You have emotions… but your are not just your emotions. You are more than that.. then who are you?…

Nsunshineow bring your awareness to your heart centre…the center of your being where you experience yourself as “I”, the subject who has a body, who thinks, who feels… experience yourself in relation to the “Thou” of the Lord who knows you through and through and loves you. Allow yourself to be loved…spend time with this state of being loved by the “thou” of your beloved. You may choose a Bible passage and repeat it over and over again,

  • like a manthra… for example: “ abide in me and I abide in You” (Jn.15.4); “My joy may be in you and your joy may be full” (Jn. 15.11): “Abba, Father” or any passage of your choice. You may fall into silence with a sense of the awareness of being you in the presence of God.. Spend time in this sense of presence..
  • Be aware of the love, peace and goodness that surges within you.. Now from the fullness of the love, peace and goodness of the Lord which fills your heart, send vibrations of love, peace and goodness to others around you. Imagine your community members before you and visualize that you vibrate positive energy of love and peace to them… do the same with your province, congregation, church leaders, political leaders, difficult persons in your life, your family, friends, others.
  • Once again return to the silence of your heart and spend a few moments in gratitude.

Now prepare for concluding the session Become aware of and enjoy your breathing… then your body, the place around you and nature with all its sounds.. open your eyes with a smile.

– Mathew Vattamattam cmf