This Section contains the formative documents of the Church and the Congregation. You will find also booklets prepared by the General prefecture of formation in the past years. The article library contains articles on different themes on formation. You may download the required articles as guided by the link. You will also find links  to Catholic information, resources and news.



booksen 2General Plan of Formation. GPF can quite fittingly considered as the Magna Carta on Formation that the Congregation, as mother and teacher, offers to its members, and above all to its new missionaries. It gathers up the core essentials of our missionary life and high lights its dimensions:charismatic, Christocentric, ecclesial, cordimarian and human.

booksen 1Claretian Vocation Directory. “This Directory gathers together the most important points of reference, objectives, criteria, attitudes and options that must be present in an adequate pastoral approach to Claretian vocation ministry.

booksen 4Initiation in the Ministry of the Word. Our formation should be a process of initiation in the ministry of the Word in such a way that the Word should become one of the hinges of the process of formation. IMW is a pedagogical tool geared to this goal.

booksen 5Initiation into the Missionary Life, Manual for the Claretian Novice. This manual presents the summary of the main topics and formation suggestions that the novices in the congregation must learn and assimilate during the novitiate.

booksen 3Historical Notes on Formation in the Congregation. These notes are the fruits of the research by Fr. J.M Palacios cmf who has presented them in a book as an aid for Claretian formators so that they may come to know the partly scattered and forgotten tradition of our formative reality.

booksen 6Traces of Claret. A guide to the essentials to get to know the congregation of Claretian missionaries prepared by Fr. Vicente Sanz Tobes. It is a useful hand book of information about the congregation for missionaries in formation