Form 13 – Model of Reports for Holy Orders

Form 13


(cf. CIC 1025, 1029, 1031, 1051; Dir 240, 241.b)

REPORT on ………., (a perpetually professed student or deacon)…..

for ordination to the (diaconate or priesthood),

submitted by ……..

on the ….. day of the month of …. in the year …..


DECLARATION: In order to help the superiors form a more adequate discernment of this candidate’s vocation, I am following my conscience in reporting that he has none of the irregularities or impediments indicated in the universal law of the Church (cf. CIC 1040-1049), and that he possesses the conditions that I will proceed to indicate:



1.   Physical and mental health. Possible impediments.


2.   Sufficent maturity to fulfill the commitments deriving from the diaconate or the priesthood.


3.   Character and aptitude for the pastoral exercise of the diaconate or the priesthood.


4.   Judgment in his faith, right intention, good reputation, customs and more outstanding qualities.


5.   Doctrinal criteria, especially on the diaconate or the priesthood.


6.   Claretian apostolic spirituality:


— Personal and community prayer life. Sacramental life.

— Service of the Word.

— Cordimarian living.

— Love for and fidelity to the Church.

— Apostolic thrust. Availability.

— Capacity for work.


7.   Living the demands of the religious life, especially community life and the religious vows: poverty, chastity and obedience.


8   Theological and pastoral formation for Orders. Specific preparation for the diaconate or the priesthood.


9.   Possible ministerial future in the Congregation and in the Church.


10.   Other indications.


11.   Overall closing evaluation.