Form 4 – Personal Petition for First Profession

Form 4


(cf. Dir 205, 217)

Very Rev. ……………………..

Major Superior of …………..



Very Rev. Father Provincial:


As the completion of the time of probation is near at hand, in compliance of the norms established in the Code of Canon Law and in the Directory of our Congregation, I am writing you most sincerely and respectfully, and I hereby




1.     That I seek admission, fully aware of what I am doing, in good faith and freely, that is, without guile or fraud, and without being subject to fear or force.


2.     That I have a sincere will to profess and remain in the Congregation until death, unless before my perpetual profession I should be overcome by some obstacle which I cannot foresee at present.


3.     That I am unaware of having or concealing any excluding impediment or notable defect that could stand in the way of my admission or profession.


4.     That I gladly accept the obligations that the religious life entails, as it is practiced or professed in this Congregation.


5.     That since religious profession is not in the nature of a work contract between the religious and the Institute, my efforts and services on behalf of the Congregation will be gratuitous; and that I will claim nothing by way of indemnification, damages or prejudices incurred, both so long as I remain in the Congregation or in case I leave it. Indeed, anything that I receive for a work or in consideration of my person (outside my family patrimony), I receive for the Congregation.


6.     That I am at present aware of being called to be a Claretian Missionary according to the (priestly / diaconal / lay) vocation.


Having made this declaration, I


ASK you and your Council to grant me the favor of being admitted to make my first religious profession in the Congregation.


In …………, at ……… on the ….. of……….