cross1Christ the light of  my life

Christian experience of the Risen Lord leads to the recognition of the splendour of the Light of Christ that illumines everthing in the world. This meditation is one of visualization and awareness of Jesus Light in oneself. It may look to you at first that these meditations are self absorbing and are not directly taking you to missionary action. The fruits of thes meditations are seen in the joy that you discover in you which flows naturally out to others in your community and ministry. You do not have to force light into anything. Lightt spreads naturally outwards and illumines everything. “You are the light of the World… Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and give glory too your Father who is in heaven” (Mt 5.14,16).

  1. Sit on a chair or squat on the floor comfortably. See that your spine is straight and assume a very relaxed posture. When you have made yourself comfortable in your posture, close your eyes and become aware of the place where you are and the presence of the Lord in whom we live, move and have our being (Acts 17.28) and allow yourself to be enveloped by the love of God who first loved us before we loved (1 Jn. 4.19).
  1. Take a deep breath and as you exhale, begin to relax your body deeply. Take another breath an relax little more and continue relaxing deeply according the rhythm of your breathing. If any part of your body is tense, become aware of it and breath into them gently to release the tension and move into deeper relaxation. Imagine the life energy freely flowing through your body.. replenishing every cell with vital energy.
  2. Take another deep breath and as you exhale, relax your mind. Let all your thoughts, worries and preoccupations dissipate and let your mind enjoy a calm state of relaxation. If any thoughts emerge, just notice them and release them.
  3. Recall the biblical verse, “I am the light of the world” “He who dwells in me does not live in darkness”. Imagine the Risen Lord who brightens the world with his splendour of brightness, who illumines the heart of every being. You want to open up yourself to His light.
  4. Imagine a globe of bright light above your head and visualize that light beams from its brightness flow into your head illumining your whole being from the top of your head.
  5. become aware of your head being brightened in the light of Christ… each part of your body “soaked” in the light making it bright and full of life. Feel your brain and all the organs in the brain becoming bright and full of life… Visualize the light filling up your forehead, eyes, cheeks.. nose, mouth.. chin.. ears.. making them bright and full of life.
  6. Imagine that the beams of light flow to your neck and fill it with light.. and slowly flows down to your back bone from the upper column to the lower making it bright and full of life. You feel relaxed and vibrant as the light illumines the organs.
  7. Let the light flow through your shoulders, to hands up to the fingers. Feel both shoulders and hands becoming bright and full of life.
  8. Let the light flow into your chest filling your lungs and heart and all chest region making it bright and full of life…
  9. Move your awareness of the light lighting up your stomach region relaxing and healing your abdomen and all internal organs making it bright and full of life…
  10. bring your awareness of the light flowing into the pelvic region and your hip making it bright and full of life.
  11. Let the light flow slowly into your thighs, knees, calf muscles, ankles up to the toes making them bright and full of life. Enjoy the brightening up of your entire body in the light of Christ.
  12. Now bring your awareness to your heart centre, your “inner sanctuary” or the “cave of your heart” and be aware of the presence of the Lord, the light of your life, the centre of your centre.. the indwelling Lord who is the source of your life. Thank the Lord for the gift of your life and all that you are endowed with and all the people present in your life. Bring before the Lord in the platform of your conscience aspects of life that you are not comfortable with or that you look for clarity. Listen to the Lord as to what he tells you. Present to the Lord your weaknesses and concerns with the same faith of those who rushed to Jesus with their pains and sufferings. Allow His light to fall on these concerns and listen to what He has to say about them.
  13. Become aware of Mother Mary the woman of light who shares her brightness with you.
  14. At this stage bring to your awareness the word of God that has given you much meaning in life (for example, “I am with you”, “Abide in me”, “It is no longer I but Jesus Christ who lives in me” etc.). Remain with the Word of God for sometime and allow yourself to be loved. You may experience a thoughtless state of pure awareness and serenity. Remain in His love…
  15. Now from the fullness of His love and light, reach out to the people in your life. Visualize the people in contact with you and feel the vibrations of love, peace and goodness flowing out from your heart to them. Visualize that you are sending vibrations of love, peace and       goodness to your family, community, friends, the Pope, religious and political leaders, people whom you dislike, persons who suffer….etc. Acknowledge their goodness and thank the Lord for it.
  16. Bring your awareness back to your heart centre and remain a few moments in gratitude Feel the brightness that you are filled with. Bring your attention to your breathing and become aware of your surroundings before you open your eyes with a joyful smile.

Note that the real impact of meditation is not so much in the experience you gain during the meditation, but the transformation it brings in your personal life, your relationships and your contribution to society.

– Mathew Vattamattam cmf