meditation posture 2Meditation on our Marian Vocation

Mary, the first Christian, the spouse, the Mother and the Virgin is symbol of the church. In her we find the attitude of listening, receptivity to the Word, presence to Christ and the apostles. This meditation imbibes the attitudes of Mary by being present to her and journeying with her within our inner self to imbue from her the capacity to be receptive and listening.

Sit on a chair or squat on the floor comfortably. See that your spine is straight and assume a very relaxed posture. When you have made yourself comfortable in your posture, close your eyes and become aware of the place where you are and the presence of the Lord in whom we live, move and have our being (Acts 17.28) and allow yourself to be enveloped by the love of God who first loved us before we loved (1 Jn. 4.19).

  1. Take a deep breath and as you exhale, begin to relax your body deeply. Take another breath an relax little more and continue relaxing deeply according the rhythm of your breathing. If any part of your body is tense, become aware of it and breath into them gently to release the tension and move into deeper relaxation. Imagine the life energy freely flowing through your body.. replenishing every cell with vital energy.
  2. Take another deep breath and as you exhale, relax your mind. Let all your thoughts, worries and preoccupations dissipate and let your mind enjoy a calm state of relaxation. If any thoughts emerge, just notice them and release them.
  3. Bring your awareness to your deeper self, into your heart centre, the cave of your heart. Visualize the special place within you which you have within, be it as sea shore, mountain, waterfall, lake, garden, sanctuary… anything that appeals to you most.. Now imagine it very vividly with details: trees, birds, flowers, rocks.. Feel the warmth of the air, sun or shades, aroma in the air, quietness or music of nature. Find your comfortable place and enjoyable posture. Visualize now Mary in your preferable image present to you with love. You are her son and she looks at you with maternal love. Allow yourself to be filled with this love, compassion, care and kindness. Open up to her your concerns and express your desire to learn from her the gift of listening, contemplation, receptivity to the Spirit…
  4. Mary invites you to journey with her to be present to the scenes of her life to witness and to participate in her experience.
  5. Imagine the scene of Annunciation.. look at the details of the place, village scene of Nazareth.. Mary’s natural attunement to do God’s will.. the invitation of the Angel and her inner struggle and the decision to let God’s will to have the say in her life.. Now it is your turn to invite Mary to the context of your life where you are called to respond to all call. Dialogue with her as to how to live her disposition of receptivity to God in the concrete context of your life.
  6. Allow yourself to be present to another scene of Mary’s life. Visitation to Elizabeth. Her concern for the need of the other, desire to share the goodness of God in acts of love and care. Dialogue with Mary about your own life as to your giving visibility to God’s Goodness in attending to the need of others in your context.
  7. Mary invites you to join to sing Magnificat with her. Enter into the frame of mind of Mary that makes her sing and proclaim the greatness of God’s action in history including her history. With Mary prepare your own magnificat to proclaim God’s mighty deeds in your life.
  8. Recollect the concrete action steps that emerged from your meditation to actualize her attitude of listening, receptivity and       compassion in your context. Surrender them to her and ask her to for the Spirit that she has received.
  9. At the end bring your attention to your breathing and feel within yourself the attitudes of listening, receptivity, openness, docility and compassion. Spend a moment in gratitude and open your eyes with a joyful smile.