Condongcatur, Indonesia. The Scholastics Community of the Independent Delegation of Indonesia – Timor Leste held a seminar on Friday, 1st December with the theme Missionary: Worship, Walk, Accompany (A Way of Living Christian Missionary Vocation in Digital Era), presented by Fr. Nikolaus Ilan, CMF, MaTh, Prefect of Formation of the Delegation.

In this seminar, Fr. Niko emphasized the meaning of being a missionary who dares to play in the challenges of the times. “We are missionaries,” the first and last words of the 2015 document chapter, “speaks on itself its content and meaning because all Christians are called to be missionaries. Not only religious people but also all the people” he said.

Fr. Niko, from Lewotaa, stated that the problem is that the presence of digital technology changes the community, it causes a spiritual decline in society. The society is now characterized by the spirits of consumerism, privatization of religion, and individualism. These spirits lead people to act as they will. It is in this context that the Prefect invited the participants to see the reality of the world with missionary sunglasses: “The eyes of a missionary should be very sharp to see the shrill reality.”

Moreover, Fr. Niko also invited the participants to be missionaries who worship, walk, accompany. “The missionary call of a Christian is to be a missionary who worships, walks, accompanies. Worship is a celebration of submission and a statement of willingness before the Most High. ‘Walking’ is a pilgrimage and a mission. Pilgrimage shapes the quality of life, the mission is a noble task that must be done in order to become a true missionary. To ‘accompany’ is to build a fraternal network and form the communion of God’s people. From the puddles of the digital age, we must think of something new as a missionary framework.

The participants who attended the seminar were participated by those who live around the monastery and the monks and nuns. The seminar that lasted for three hours was moderated by Sch. Angga Usfal, CMF, guided by the master of ceremony Sch. Kalixtus Kapistrano, CMF. Sch. Bertho, CMF, and friends rendered songs to the participants to refresh the atmosphere.

Mario F. Cole Putra, CMF