In St. Claret Minor Seminary, Negombo in Sri Lanka we have the traditional practice of organizing a Literary Association Meeting which is an occasion for exhibiting and developing the talents of students. It is conducted once or, at times, even twice in a month. One meeting is presided over by a resource person outside the student body, often a Claretian missionary and the other by one of the students. The one who presides over the meeting sharetalents his views about the topic of the meeting and offers feedback on the programs presented.

The students participate in the meeting actively bringing out their talents in a creative way. They are encouraged to perform individually as well as in a group, speeches, songs, mono act, mimicry, group music, dramas and so on. They participate in these items with much interest and enthusiasm and strive to bring out their best Mutual encouragement and cooperation make the items more interesting and enjoyable.

This form of monthly talent show provides the students a suitable platform to manifest and express their God-given talents and capabilities. It enhances their personal growth and encourages team work and mutual empowerment. Students who shy away from public appearance are encouraged to come out in the open and express themselves. A student is encouraged seek help from his companions and cooperate with others with his gifts. Thus all the students are challenged to excel in their talents by making use of the opportunity and help from others including their formators.

The students are also accompanied through personal dialogues and group conferences and, as a result, they become more confident in themselves and generous to serve others with their talents.

Fr. S. K. Jude Behin, cmf, Sri Lanka