New Postulancy Program in Phillipines

Ormoc, Phillipines: The province of Phillipines has introduced the year of postulancy within the philosophy program differing from the previous practice of having postulancy after philosophy. The change of timing of postulancy led to the combining of three groups into the postulancy program,  Hence there are 35 postulants who started the program since last May 2011in Ormoc.

Of the 35 candidates, 32 came from St. Anthony Mary Claret College composed of a group of young professionals, third year college and newly graduates and 3 who have just arrived from Vietnam. They were officially accepted and welcomed to the Postulancy Program by Fr. Elmer T. Cantular, CMF, Postulant Master.

The postulancy program was inaugurated on 7th May, 2011 with the Holy Eucharist presided over by the superior of the community Fr. Christian James Castro, CMF. Fr. Carlos de Rivas, CMF, Vicar, Fr. Paulino Manila, Jr., CMF, Novice Master, and Fr. Benedict Dilag, CMF were also present. During the celebration, each postulant received a Cross and the Christian Prayer Book as they signed the Personal Declaration.

Fr. Benedict Dilag, CMF had facilitated the opening retreat from May 3-6, 2011 to prepare the candidates for the program. With the theme of the retreat “An Easter Journey”, Fr. Benedict invited the postulants to discover and be good stewards of their strengths and transform them for common good.

Among the various formative programs, the postulants are introduced to apostolic reach out in the area. After an orientation program of two days given by Fr. Elmer, two hospitals and two rehabilitation centers were accepted to be the apostolate areas, namely: Ormoc District Hospital (ODH), Ormoc Sugar Plantation Association-Farmers Medical Center (OSPA-FMC), LINGAP Center and Social Development Center for Children and Youth.

Bisayan/Cebuano language classes were also conducted to equip those who are non-Cebuano speaking before starting their apostolate.

May 18, 2011 session marked the first day of battery of Psychological tests and interviews with Mrs. Maria Pura Ordoña and her son, Mr. Paulo Juni, both psychologists.

To prevent destruction of environment and to start the campaign of making everyone aware of possible effects of an unhealthy environment, the postulants, spearheaded by Fr. Elmer and the Claret Conservation Team (CCT), have started to plant at least 85 out of 585 seedlings at an open space at the back of the formation house last June 14, 2011.

CCT is a new committee organized by the postulant master for this batch to take care of the environment as well as to preserve it.

Without a doubt, the fire of Love depicted by the color red can blend with the green color of the surroundings and move others to do the same as well.

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