Not an employee, but a brother and missionary

On October 4, 2016, the feast of St. Francis Assisi and the birthday of Father General, the Claretian Missionaries of East Asia Delegation celebrated with great joy the first profession of novice Ian D. The ceremony took place at St. Lawrence Church in Macao with the participation of the Caretian Missionaries from China, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong who came for the China Meeting, as well as those working in Macao. Friends of the Claretian Missionaries in Macao accompanied the ceremony and were witnesses to Ian’s commitment. Brother Ian chose John’s Gospel of the “vine and the branches” for the celebration, and the president of the celebration emphasized our common call to apostolic missionary brotherhood, as we share a common unique Claretian charism and its greater richness lies in the many charismatic hues that every Claretian Missionary brings into the community in mission. A modest reception in the parish hall followed the ceremony of profession.

At the end of October 2016, Ian will proceed to Quezon City, to continue his theology studies with a great help from the Philippine Claretian Province. May the Lord and our Mother Mary keep the fire of God’s love burning in Ian’s heart and accompany him as “mater et magistra” in this stage of his missionary life.

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