Sevilla, Spain. On April 22, 2017, the ordination of deacons of our students Martín Areta Higuera, Tomas Mekar Joustefen and Rocky Xareal took place in the Claretian parish of San Antonio María Claret de Sevilla (Spain). At the same ceremony were ordained priests the deacons Alejandro Suárez Rosales and Gabriel Ponce Carpintero. These Claretian missionaries received their respective orders from Fr. Luis Angel de las Heras cmf, Bishop of the diocese of Mondoñedo-Ferrol (Spain).

Our ordained brothers were joined in this unique celebration by many Claretians of the Betica Province and from some other Provinces. The ceremony was animated by the Claretian students of Teleogado Claretiano of Granada and the parish youth choir. There were also a considerable number of family and friends of the ordained who followed the whole celebration with attention and were impressed because for some, it was the first time that they participated in a priestly or diaconal ordination like this. There was an atmosphere of paschal joy and thanksgiving for this gift of God for the Congregation and for the Church.

We congratulate our ordained brothers and ask for them the evangelical ardor that impelled Father Claret. After the ordination, an agape was prepared for the relatives, friends and Claretians, in the dining room of our Claret School.