One of the empowering practices we follow in the Novitiate community is “Personal Assessment” of each novice. The arena set for the ‘initial confidence building’ among them pave way for the personal assessment whinovice growch takes each one of them to the inner core of their being. Each one is provided with a format under 9 heads such as Physical life, Spiritual Level, Moral Life, Affective Level, Intellectual Level, Apostolic Level, Religious and Claretian Values, Community Life and Social Life and asked to rate his growth in each category from a scale of 1 to 10. Each section is further subdivided and the total number of questions mounts up to 90. Each one is expected to make an objective rating for his companions as well. At the end, the rating made by the individual (Self Report) over each section is compared with the observation and rating made by the group (Observer’s Report). The self report is compared with the cumulative report of the companions. This is done in order to make sure that the subjective perceptions of oneself are matched with the perceptions of the community.

The fundamental objective of this process is to help the person to make the subjective perception of the self more objective and realistic.

– Fr. Michael PC, Claret Bhavan, Bangalore.