Feelings by themselves are neutral. They are energies that can build or destroy. Negativity props in due to some negative happening in life. Es: a broken relationship, death or some rejection. When this happens we have or perceptions built around it.

Perception is the lens through which I see a particular reality. Our inner belief system is the one which comes in particular feelings.

Perception creates negative thoughts. Negative thoughts create the pain of negative experience of a painful reality. Fear, hurt, anxiety, sadness, anger, resentment, depression, irritation. Feelings are normal. When they rise in negativity, they affect our body. We call it body sensation. Body sensation is a process feeling. Tightness, heaviness, pain in the head, heck, loose motion, churning, burning sensation, dry mouth, choked throat, palpitation. These can produce toxins in our system and cause ill health.

Along with bodily sickness negative attitude based on negative feelings produces negative spiritual attitudes (non-gospel values), non-forgiveness, revenge, self pity, indifference, self-centeredness



  1. a)When you sit in prayer be relaxed. Es. Through awareness of sounds, touch, breathing etc.
  2. b)Ask for God’s grace, light from the spirit to enter into this awareness or consciousness
  3. c)Review of the main events. Become aware of the prominent feeling
  4. d)Relive the main event fully. See that person, behaviour.
  5. e)Let the negative feeling/energy come up; surface fully
  6. f)Become aware of the body sensations fully
  7. g)Remove the body sensations



  1. 1.Chest heaviness: take deep breath and let go. Tightness melts and lightness sets in.
  2. 2.Pure awareness. You will come to a body shift
  3. 3.Tightening and loosening body parts and come to body shift
  4. 4.Imagery such as stones, rocks, darkness, sharp weapon. Darkness. We see this in our negative experience as negative imagery or symptom imagery. Gradually it turns into healing imagery
  5. 5.Symptom colour. Different colours have different meanings. Watch the colour melting gradually. It looses its intensity and becomes lighter and lighter (body shift) to healing colour.
  6. 6.Darkness will turn to light.
  7. 7.Divine imagery. Jesus, Our Lady, St. Joseph, etc.(Body shift)
  1. h)Come to body shift. Experience the risen Lord. Full of happiness, love, forgiveness, lightness, calmness, freshness, aliveness.
  2. i)Moment of making decision. Choose the values of Jesus, Gospel. Es. Forgiveness, Willingness to carry the cross, generosity, enthusiasm, etc.
  3. j)Visualize the decision. Es. If you decide on reconciliation how will you meet the person?


  1. Deep relaxation, awareness of the vibration of various sounds
  2. Deep breathing to be totally relaxed
  3. Becoming aware of a particular event that is hurting
  4. In the imagination re-living it here and now. Look at the person
  5. As the feeling of hurt rises up allowing it to increase in intensity by just observing it. Keep your gaze on the person
  6. Body sensation – head tight feeling. Raise the shoulders breathing in. Hold the breath in that position and then breathe out lowering the shoulders.
  7. Anger in the hands. Tighten the fists and release it.
  8. Body shift. Feeling relaxed. The divine light penetrating your body and mind. Can see the symptom colour or symptom imagery also. Gradually experiencing the divine imagery within. Jesus or Mary or Joseph.
  9. Willfully being ready to forgive. Like Jesus on the cross going through the intense pain initially until he said, “Father, into your……”
  10. Look at the face of the person now. It will be changed by now to soberness.
  11. Relax gradually taking deep, slow breath and come back to your original self