satsangSatsang or Satsanga originates from Sanskrit (sat = true; sang = company) and it denotes an assembly of persons who listen to, talk about, and assimilate the truth. In the seminary it is a forum where formators and students come together once in two weeks to share the experiences of the 2 weeks. In the assembly the students share their experience, clarify doubts, reconcile among each other when there are conflicts. We have found that it really brings a closer relationship among the students and with the formators.

 Preparation for Claret feast

We have novena before the feast of St. Claret during which we take different themes of the life of Claret for reflection and prayer. We do it within a prayer service. It is also an occasion to organize a skit competition, chart preparation and Mega Quiz on Claret. Students enjoy these activities. These practices help the missionaries and the students to know more about our founder.

Fr. Maria joseph, Claret Niketan, Ranchi