The Encounter of Formators-Iberia

formators iberiaGranada, Spain. The annual encounter of Iberian Claretians took place from 25th to 29th July, 2011 in the Clartetian house in Granada.  Ten formators participated in the encounter representing the provinces of Betica (3), Catalunya (1), Euskal Herria (1), portugal (2), Santiago (2) and General prefecture of formation  (1).  The group treated the theme of “Discernment in formation” facilitated by Fr. Diego Molina SJ with both theoretical inputs and practical excercises.

The sessions of Fr. Diego dealt with the dynamics of Ignatian method of discernment where the person takes note of the motions within the person which come from the two kinds of spirits (Good and evil) and uses the freedom to seek God in all things.  Such motions are not of the person and hence they need to be objectified and clarified in order to seek  and do the will of God feely.

Fr. Mathew invited the formators to reflect on their experience of accompanying the formandi  and  assisting the process of discernment  in their lives.  The group also discussed ways of promoting  the attitude of discernment in the claretian culture  so that our decisions, small of big, follow a process of discecavernment.  Mathew presented the theory of attachment and its contribution towards the understanding of human relationships. The relationship styles of students as well as formators do play a significant role in creating the relational “safe haven” for  vocational accompaniment.

The formators made a cultural tour in the evening to have a taste of the summer music fest in Alambra. A major part of Thursday (feast day of St. Peter Poveda)  was spent in a visit Quadix, one of the oldest dioceses of Spain and the cave town of Quadix where Peter Poveda initiated the mission of Theresians to Educate the poor.  It was amazing to know that about 7000 inhabited cave houses are in the area.

The encounter was organized  by Jose Maria Bolivar, the provincial prefect of formation and Spirituality of Betica. The provinces take turns to organize the annual meeting of formators of Iberia.  The encounter has also been an occasion of the encounter of the provincial prefects of formation of Iberia.

Reported by Jose Maria Bolivar.

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