Read John 15:1-17 and discuss.


1. Take this test and share your answers TRUE or FALSE.

T F The life of the grape is in the branch

T F You can’t judge a grapevine by its looks
T F A good gardener is a tough pruner
T F Pruning a vine will not hurt it
T F It’s the job of the branch to stay connected to the vine
T F A vine without fruit is worthless


2. Why did Jesus use the illustration of a vine?

a. Everybody could understand
b. To explain spiritual principles
c. To threaten spiritual non-producers
d. He was passing through a vineyard


3. Where does this illustration fit into the larger discourse on the Holy Spirit’s ministry?

a. It explains how the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit work together
b. It shows the Father as a loving caretaker

c. It shows the Son as the vine
d. It shows the importance of the believer abiding in the vine


4. What do the branch that bears no fruit and the fruitful branch have in common?
a. They both start out tapped into the vine
b. They both get cut off, but for different reasons

c. One is dead, the other is growing
d. neither bears fruit because the buds are cut off


5. If you had been one of the disciples hearing this illustration for the first time, what would you have learned?

a. Very little at the time

b. To cling to Christ

c. To trust God

d. To depend upon the Holy Spirit

e. Life brings with it humbling experiences


6. What is the Christian promised for remaining in the vine?

a. Success in everything he/she does

b. A life full of happiness

c. The fragrance of Christ in his/her life

d. Eternal life

e. The ability to do God’s work

MY OWN STORY/25 Minutes.


1. What kind of fruit would you like to see in your Christian life?

a. Love for my family

b. Compassion for the needy

c. Obedience to God

d. Willingness to serve others

e. Ability to share my faith


2. On those days when your vine is wilted, how do you get your spiritual energy back?

a. Drink some water: spend time alone with God

b. Cultivate the soil: seek encouragement from friends

c. Fertilize: sign up for a retreat or Bible study

d. Take out of the hot sun: get away from the stress

e. Submit to pruning: admit where I’ve been wrong

f. Wait for evening’s cool: get some sleep


3. If God could get his hands on you, what would he do?

a. I’m afraid to think

b. Prune off a few things

c. Do some radical surgery  

d. Care for me very tenderly

e. Nothing


4. Where do you struggle to “remain in the vine?”

a. Busy: no time for cultivation

b. Distracted: my work/school comes first

c. Tired: the fruit is too heavy

d. Disappointed: God hasn’t come through in my life
e. Defeated: it’s hard to be obedient to God’s will

f. Lonely: I feel like I’m the only branch on the vine