Darjeeling hills are known for its beauty. They are called as the queen of Hills. It is a pride of Dirnberger Niketan, Sonada to be part of this beautiful place on earth. The land is filled with beautiful landscapes, tea gardens, and magnificent valleys making every turn marvelous and refreshing.

As we heard the news of the visit of Fr. Leo Dalmao (General Prefect of Formation) and Bro. Carlos Verga (General Prefect of Vocation and Youth Ministry), we were filled with joy. It was a privileged moment for the community. With the presence of Fr. Leo and Bro. Carlos, we could feel the warmth and closeness of the Congregation. Those were the days of Grace, Joy and Privilege. In the words of one of the students “days of feeling one with the Congregation and…warmth and affection of fellow confreres”. The days were filled with the sharing of the Word, listening about the various works of the Congregation and enrichment of each one’s vocational journey.

The impressions of the students after the visit were as follows:

  • The visit has instilled in us the spirit and joy of being Claretians.
  • The simplicity and being active missionaries has inspired the students.
  • The visit has deepened the brotherhood of one another.
  • The visit has brought an inspiration among us that Claretians are happy missionaries and ready to go wherever they are sent.
  • We were encouraged by their readiness to listen and talk to us.
  • The visit has strengthened the feeling of belongingness to the Congregation. The aspirants felt that they were one of our community members.
  • The students could feel the universal missionary spirit of the Congregation.
  • It also gave us a lot of information about the life and mission of the Congregation.
  • The sharing of their experiences as missionaries inspired us a lot.

Article Prepared by: Fr. Jojaiah Chinnabathini, CMF