The power of the Holy Spirit is ever-present and it always guides us whenever we are in need. We experience this power through persons, incidents, situations, nature etc. Sri Lankan Claretian Delegation is fortunate enough to experience the same power so firmly, when they had the opportunity to receive all the General Government members together with all the other major superiors of all organisms in the world for an encounter. This event also showed the companionship and the brotherly concern that all the members are holding on each one of us.

Prior to this encounter, another gesture of love and concern was shown by the General Prefect of Formation, Fr. Leo Dalmao and the General Prefect of Apostolate, Fr. Artur Teixeira, when they visited all the formation houses and few of our apostolate places to look into the present state of their actuality.

Fr. Leo Dalmao spent some quality time discussing and evaluating the life essentially connected with the field of formation. He organized it in different groups. First of all, he met all the formators of the Delegation at Casa Claret, which is the Novitiate of the Delegation. At the outset, all the formators shared their disposition they experience in the formation. It included feelings, challenges, strengths, and weaknesses they are in with. Then, the group spent the time discussing the themes like inter-culturality, universality of the Congregation and accompaniment. Towards the end, the group also had the time to get to know the situation of the formative programmes of the other parts of the world. All the formators were enriched by the meaningful discussion.

Fr. Leo Dalmao also paved enough attention to the students by talking to them in three groups as minor seminarians, novices together with Philosophy students and Theology students who are also the profess students. In each instance he encouraged the students to be more towards the inter-cultural and universal way of forming oneself. Emphasis on the relationship between the formator and formandi was also stressed and asked the students to trust and be open to the formators. This meeting became an invigorating stance for all the students on their way towards the priesthood.

Together with all these meetings, Fr. Leo was also present at the Novitiate to receive the new group of 11 novices to the novitiate. This experienced novice master previously heightened the enthusiasm of the fresh novices in their preparation to accept the religious life. On the following day Fr. Leo was also present at the Eucharist in which the Final and first profession together with the renewal of vows were made.

The three full days, though it was short, was well made use and the Sri Lankan Delegation is highly grateful for the concern paved by both General prefects for the growth of it. The delegation also assures the continuous support from them in the future as well.