Reflect on each of these questions and then give your personal answer to them.



  1. When I think of Christ, the picture than comes to my mind is:
    1. A beggar                                            h. A magician
    2. A policeman                                      i.   A saintly preacher
    3. A revolutionary                                 j.   A friend
    4. A serious judge                                k.
    5. A kind                                                 l.
    6. A brother                                            m.
    7. A priest
  2. For me being a Christian means:
    1. Making the sign of the cross
    2. Going to mass on Sunday
    3. Practicing charity
    4. Going to novenas
    5. Following Christ and living my life in agreement with his
    6. Wearing a medal or a cross



  1. Here are a number of quotations, which describe the person of Christ in the    


     Choose the quotation which appeals to you.

  1. a.“I am the good Shepard “                “I am the living water”
  2. b.“I am the          g.   “I am the light of the world”
  3. c.“I am the         h.   “I am the way”

And the life”                                     i.   “I am the bread of life”

  1. d.“I am the truth”
  2. e.

     Reason WHY?I choose the quotation:



  1. The two things that I – like about Jesus are:
  1. I.
  2. II.



  1. Read the following passages which describe the meeting of Jesus with different people:

          Woman caught in adultery {John. 8/1-11}

          The woman who touched Jesus cloak {Luke. 8/42-48}

          The blind man at bethsaida {Mark. 8/22-26}

          The Samaritan woman at the well {John. 4/5-26}

          The rich man {Mark. 10/17-23}

          Nicodemus {John. 3/1-13}

          Jesus and Levi, the tax collector {mark.2/13-17}

          Martha and Mary {Luke. 10/38-42}

Of these people whom do you resemble most. Describe this resemblance in five sentences.

  1. Think of Jesus in your life and suppose you were to explain your relationship to  

Jesus in pictures, what image /picture would you use? Draw image in your own hand.

     7. How am I concretely going to acclaim Jesus as my lord?