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The formation of Missionaries
in the Congregation-Viñas
The Formation of Missionary Novices-Viñas Booklet_02.doc
Ongoing formation in Claret – Bermejo Booklet_03.doc
Spiritual and Formative Texts I- Bermejo Booklet_04.doc
Spiritual and Formative Texts II-Bermejo Booklet_05.doc
Formation of Missionary Novices-Viñas Booklet_06.doc
Formed in the forge of -Viñas Booklet_07.doc
Cordimarian dimension- Palacios Booklet_08.doc
Reality in the congregation – Gómez Booklet_09.doc
Charismatic foundation of the Claretian mission 1-Bermejo Booklet_10.doc
Charismatic foundation of the Claretian mission 2-Bermejo Booklet_11.doc
Letter of General to Cmf in formation 1992 Booklet_12.doc
Claretians in the dynamic of inculturation – Gómez Booklet_13.doc
A Claretian reading of the Word of God I-Palacios Booklet_14.doc
A Claretian reading of the Word of God II-Palacios Booklet_15.doc
Prophetic dimension of cmf.formation-Palacios Booklet_16.doc
The Forge –Gonzalo Booklet_17.doc
Statutes of the provincial prefecture of formation Booklet_18.doc
Formation and martyrdom- Bocos Booklet_19.doc
Eucharist and Claretian life-Amadi Booklet_20.doc
Essential Chronology- Amadi Booklet_21.doc
Formation, Canonical aspects- Niño Booklet_22.doc
Inter Religious Dialogue and Claretian formation- Mathew Booklet_23.doc