Church Documents

2014– Apostolic Letter to the Consecrated-Year of Consecrated Life
2014-Circular Letter to the Religious-Year of Consecrated Life
Papal Addresses on World day of Consecrated life
2011–Reform of Ecclesiastical Studies of Philosophy
2011-Pope Benedict XVI-Internet in the Seminary Formation
2009– African Synod-Proposals related to Formation
2008–Guidelines for the Use of Psychology in Formation
2008–On Higher Institutes of Religious Sciences
2008–The Service of Authority and Obedience
2007– Aparecida- Bishops of Latin America and the Caribbean
2005–Criteria for Discernment of Vocations-Homosexual Tendencies
2002–Starting Afresh from Christ
2001–Novo Millennio Ineunte
1998– On the Relationship between Faith and Reason
1998–Inter Institute Collaboration
1998–Formation of Permanent Deacons
1997–New Vocations for Europe
1996–Vita Consecrata
1996-On Admitting Candidates from Other seminaries
1994-1995– Papal Audiences on Consecrated Life
1994–Working Paper for Synod of Bishops on Consecrated Life
1994-Ordinatio Sacerdotalis
1994–Fraternal Life in Community
1994–Directory on the Ministry and Life of Priests
1993-Catechism of the Catholic Church
1993– On Preparation of Seminary Educators
1992–Pastores Dabo Vobis
1990–Directives on Formation
1990–Redemptoris Missio
1988-Virgin Mary in Intellectual and Spiritual Formation
1986-Formation and Social Communication
1986–Pope’s Message to Conference of Religious
1984–Redemptionis Donum
1983–Essential Elements in Religious Life
1983–Educational Guidance in Human Love
1983–Code of Canon Law
1980-On Spiritual Formation in Seminaries
1980–The Contemplative Dimension of Religious
1979-Liturgical Formation in Seminaries
1978–Religious and Human Formation
1978–Mutual Relations between Bishops and Religious
1974-Guidelines for Formation in Celibacy
1971–Evangelica Testificatio
1970– Ratio Fundamentalis Institutionis Sacerdotalis
1967– On Celibacy of Priests
1966– Ecclesiae Sanctae
1965–Perfectae Caritatis
1965–Presbyterorum Ordinis
1965–Optatam Totius Decree on Priestly Training
1964–Lumen Gentium
1963-Paul VI-Summi dei Verbum
1961-On Selection and Training of Candidates to Religious life and priesthood
1959-John XXIII- Princeps Pastorum
1959-John XIII-Sacerdoti Nostri Primordia
1957 Pius XII- On the States of Perfection
1954–On Virginity
1950 Pius XII on Development of Holines of Priestly life
1947-Pius XII-Provida Mater Ecclesia
1935– Pius XI on Catholic Priesthood
1926-Pius Xi-On Catholic Missions
1908– Pius X On Priestly Holiness
1879– On the Restoration of Christian Philosophy
1563– Trent on Seminary Formation
1215– IV Lateran Council
1179– III Lateran Council
460– Leo the Great