Appendix 10: Chart of negative Psychological signs

Appendix 10

Chart of negative psychological signs

They are signs that are not vocational counter-indications in a definitive way if they are taken by themselves alone and within a rich personality in other personal dimensions.

  •  Repressed persons and those with little emotional control. Those with negative reactions in relation to emotions. Persons moved by childish and unreal motivations and fears. To be prone to escape and flight in the face of conflicts.
  • Sensuous persons with little control of affectivity, especially with regard to persons of the other sex. Those given to comfort, gluttony, temporal enjoyments, pleasures and whims.
  •  Bad character. Persons that are gloomy, moody, unsociable or with difficulties in human relations, irascible, with little docility and quarrelsome.
  •  Lonesome persons, absorbed in themselves or who play an excessive role in their linguistic expressions and activities. Narcissists persons or those impulsed by instincts of dominion and possession over others.
  •  Persons who are insincere or little transparent. Selfish, envious and jealous persons. Greedy to have and possess. Those incapable to share with others.
  •  Submissiveness, dependence and slavish imitation of ideas and opinions of the group and of others. Search for one’s security in others.
  •  Obstinacy and incapacity to open himself to others, to dialogue and establish relationships of friendship. Callousness to the problems of society, to pain and suffering.
  •  Persons attached to their own things: family, country and native land, unable to and incapable to renounce to them