Form 1: Study of the Candidate on the part of the team in charge

Form 1

Study of the candidates on the part of the team in charge. Characteristics of the study

(cf. Dir 175) 

 The study should be carried out in accordance with the criteria of discernment, that is, vocation signs and contra-signs (cf. Appendixes). For a better discernment, if necessary, psychotecnic means, curriculum vitae may be used, without prejudice to the right to one’s privacy (cf. Cc. 220; 642). This study will help the one in charge to compile the presentation to be made of the candidate (Form 3).

1.   The person of the candidate

1.1.   Personal history

–    Social status: name, age, nationality, civil status, military       service.

1.2.   Studies and preparation

–    Studies completed. Which and where. Certificates.

–    Intellectual ability

–    Cultural preparation

1.3.   Trade or work

–    Present and past activities. Time and places:

–    Special inclinations.

1.4.   Human relationships

–    In College or University

–    At work or occupation

–    Groups of male/female friends

–    More intimate friendships

–    Relationships with female persons

1.5.  Economic situation

–    Dependent

–    Independent

–    Free of debts

2.   Candidate’s vocation

2.1.  Vocational itinerary

–    Personal itinerary of one’s vocation. Start of awareness of vocation. Growth.

–    Choice of the Claretian Congregation. Reasons.

–    Has he had any kind of vocational accompaniment? Where and with whom?

–    Vocational experiences in diocesan seminaries or other Congregations. Describe them.

2.2.  Personal fitness

–    Physical fitness. General description, illnesses or physical defects. Medical certificate. Check up by a specialist, if it is deemed necessary, of a particular aspect.

–    Disposition: temperament, character, personality. Aptitudes and attitudes to be a Claretian Missionary. Human qualities (Ap. 8º).

–    Mental fitness. Normal. Illnesses or mental disorders. Check up by a specialist, if it is deemed necessary, of a particular aspect.

2.3.  Motivations

–    Freedom and upright intention.

–    Free from fear, deceit and pressures.

–    Kinds of vocational motivations.

2.4.  Christian Life

–    Beginning of the Christian Life: Baptism. When, where. Certificate

–    Catholic: lifelong or a convert.

–    Sacramental life: Confirmation (certificate), Eucharist, Penance, Matrimony (certificate of celibacy), Sacred Orders (certificates).

–    Life of prayer, reading of the Word of God, personal accompaniment, apostolic commitment, participation in the life of the Church (parish, basic communities..).

–    World of values in which one lives

–    Criteria by which he lives and acts.  

–    Integration and formation of sexuality. Possible experiences.

3.   Candidate’s Family

–    Internal composition of the family.

–    State of the family’s physical and mental health. Any hereditary diseases?

–    Social and economic situation.

–    Kind of relationships among the members of the family.

–    Christian Life.

–    Kind of family education and values transmitted to the sons.

–    Family problems.

–    Acceptance of his vocation by the family.

4.   Possible cotra-signs

–    Impediments to become a Claretian Missionary. If so, which ones?

–    Obligations that may be obstacles to become a Claretian Missionary. If so, which ones?

5.   Other information

–    In case of seminarians, priests or religious to ask the proper testimonies and reports in accordance with cc. 241.3; 645.2.

–    It if is deemed convenient one may ask other testimonies or reports to the Pastor, spiritual counsellor, teachers and professors and other persons.