Form 6

(cf. Dir 227; CIC 657 §1)

REPORT on         

for his (first, or renewal of) profession,

given by            


on the ……… day of ……..

1.  Physical and mental health.

2.  Maturity for living the commitments of the religious life.

3.  Character for the religious life, especially for community life.

4.  Most outstanding qualities.

5.  Criteria for the religious and Claretian life.

6.  Claretian apostolic spirituality:

Life of personal and community prayer. Sacramental life.

Service of the Word.

Cordimarian living.

Love for and fidelity to the Church.

Apostolic thrust. Availability.

Capacity for work.

Apostolic virtues.

7.  Living of the religious vows: poverty, chastity and obedience.

8.  Studies. Capacity and progress.

9.  Possible future in the Congregation and in the Church.

10. Other indications.

11. Final evaluative judgment. Suggestions.