Spiritual Dimension

Spiritual Intelligence

Spirituality refers to what is most essential to the heart of human experience. Spiritual Intelligence® refers to various skills and abilities that empower you to live in harmony with your highest values and move unswervingly towards your life goals

with a Heart that is open and flexible,

with Enthusiasm,

with Awareness of your present experience and of the presence of the divine,

with Respect for and service to others and the world, and

guided by the Traditions of your highest values and ethics.

Formation for Spiritual transformation

Spiritual transformation, from a Christian perspective, challenges the individual to live for the one true God rather than mere idols. The goal of Christian transformation is a commitment to unconditionally finding God’s will revealed in the person of Jesus, and his vision of the kingdom of God. Strategies for ongoing religious transformation include a regu­lar prayer life, fasting, spiritual reading, and alms giving”. (Len Sperry).

  • Making sense of CL-12- The Hunger
  • Making Sense of CL-11-The Thirst
  • Making Sense of CL-10-Evangelical Counsels
  • Making sense of CL-9- A Prophetic Mission
  • Making sense of CL-8- Charism of the Institute
  • The Practice of Forgiveness
  • Making Sense of Consecrated Life-7- Radical and Total Response
  • Making Sense of CL-6- Free to Respond to the Call
  • Making Senseof CL 5- Holy Spirit and the Person Called
  • Making Sense of CL- 4- A Call Addressed to some Baptized


  • Eucharist and The Claretian Missionary Life

Heart of Mary

  • Heart of Mary in my life


  • Liturgical Formation according to Vatican II
  • FAQ on the celebration of Liturgy-2
  • FAQ on the celebration of Liturgy-1


  • A Tree Meditation
  • “Centering” Meditación
  • El Camino Hacia la Experiencia Mística y los Consejos Del Espíritu
  • Meditation on the Life of Blessed Virgin Mary
  • Communion with Lord and communicating with all
  • Meeting the Lord in your inner space-Meditating by Visualization
  • Meditating Christ the Light of my life
  • How to Meditate?
  • Journeying into the Center-“Who am I?”


  • Praying Our Father with Psalms
  • Pope on Prayer
  • Papal Catechesis on Prayer
  • Para Personalizar la Experiencia de Dios-Abbá
  • Oración y Discernimiento
  • Ejercicio sobre la Oración Contemplativa
  • Para Discernir la Experiencia Personal de Oración

Word of God

  • Lectio Divina
  • Biblical Formation of a Claretian