To be with Him and to be sent forth in His mission

“Fall in love with Jesus Christ and with souls, and you’ll understand everything and do more than me.”


The library contains all the books related to the formation of Claretian Missionaries including Church Documents and resources from different disciplines that has to do with formation.

Stages and Processes of Formation

Each Claretian who desires to follow Jesus Christ in the Claretian charism must go through different stages and processes of formation from his entry until the end of his life.

Formative Dimensions

For an integral formation, a Claretian formand needs to develop different dimensions of his life: SPIRITUAL, APOSTOLIC, MORAL, SOMATIC, AFFECTIVE, INTELLECTUAL, CHARISMATIC.

School of the Heart of Mary

It’s not only the formands who are to be formed, their formators are also to be formed and equiped. The School of the Heart of Mary takes place normally in April till June in Vic, Spain offered in English and Spanish.