Appendix 5: Documents, Reports and Forms

This appendix offers an orderly presentation of all the documents, reports and forms required throughout all the stages of the vocation ministry. For some of them, there are models of form letters that can also serve as a source of ideas for cases in which no specific form letter is offered.

1.   Vocation Ministry

–    Study of the candidate by the vocation team in charge.8

–    Characteristics of this study9. Form 1

2.   Minor Seminary or welcoming center

–    Written petition for admission submitted by the candidate (Form 2)

–    Report by the person who has accompanied him. Content of this report.10 (Form 3).

–    Admission by the local superior.11

3.   Postulancy

With a view to an adequate foresight and preparedness, the data and certificates required for entry to the Novitiate may already be  asked for at the beginning of or during the Postulancy.

–    Written petition for entry submitted by the candidate to Major Superior.12  (Form 2).

–    Report by the one in charge who has accompanied him. Content of this report.13 Form 3.

–    Admission by Major Superior.14

–    Candidate’s written declaration, once he is admitted, on working contracts and impediments. Content of this declaration.15 (Form 4).