Appendix 6: Plan of Studies

As a general criterion, all candidates should be required to have sufficient and demanding intellectual ability to carry out the apostolic mission.

For the admission of those aspiring to the priesthood, the norm of the universal law is to be followed, namely, that candidates have the same training in the humanities and sciences that young men of their own country need in order to go on to higher studies. (cf. GPF Appendix 3, I).

Those who wish to become Missionary Brothers should be asked, whenever possible, that they complete the primary and secondary secular studies proper of each country (cf. GPF Appendix 3, IV, 1).

Welcoming Vocations

According to the circumstances and characteristics of the candidates and of the centers that, as a general rule, are very different (primary and secondary secular studies, ecclesiastical studies of philosophy, etc. ), the complementary contents of Claretian Formation indicated in the program for Postulancy may be adapted to this stage of welcoming vocations (GPF Appendix 3, I). Nevertheless, the following should always stressed:

1.   Human Formation

–    Physical health care.

–    Sports and hygiene

–    Education in human values: fraternity, solidarity, etc.

–    Emotions and sexuality

–    Use of communications media

–    Use of study

–    Order and discipline

2.   Christian Formation

–    The person of Jesus and evangelical values

–    The presence of Mary, Mother and Model, in the vocation

–    The meaning of Eucharist and Penance

–    Introduction to the practice of reading the Sacred Scriptures

–    Meaning of prayer

–    Christian morals

–    Basic notions on Liturgy

3.   Claretian Formation

–    Introductory knowledge of our Founder’s life

–    Knowledge of the main events of the history of the Congregation

–    Present information of the Congregation

–    Main characteristics of our Claretian vocation

4.   Other elements

–    Music (song and instruments) and plastic arts preparation

–    Languages preparation

–    Technical preparation