Appendix 8: Chart of Abilities for the Claretian Life

The nucleus of general abilities (cf. Chapter VI, 2.4) may be unfolded into some specific abilities in relation to the dimensions of Claretian Life.

1.   Vow of chastity

–    Capacity to be seduced by the love of God in order to offer himself totally to Him and his Kingdom.

–    Capacity to give himself totally to God, to the Church, to the brethren of the Congregation and to all people.

–    Positive acceptance of one’s sexuality.

–    Normal relations with the opposite sex without fears, escapes, and mental blocks.

–    Positive control of one’s sexuality integrating it into the overall personality.

–    Capacity to overcome emotional deficiencies and manifest his own love in a balanced way.

–    Ability to live with joy and serenity a certain solitude.

2.   Vow of poverty

–    To live with great freedom and detachment from temporal goods.

–    Austerity and proper use of them (money, goods…).

–    Generosity in giving to others what one has and uses without second meaning.

–    To lead an assiduous and constant life of dedication and work.

–    Solidarity with others, and ability to share what he is and possesses.

–    To have a distinct social awareness with a preferential option for the poor.

3.   Vow of obedience

–    Firm conviction that one is always and everywhere ready to do God’s will.

–    Capacity to understand and assume the Will of God through human mediations (Church, Congregation, superiors, community, brethren).

–    To keep a right balance between his personal autonomy and dependence on authority.

–    Active and efficacious availability to go anywhere in the world to carry out the mission entrusted.

4.   Life in community

–    Overcoming self-love to live more and more open to others as a person.

–    To live our own affectivity in an integrating way: overcoming the moments of solitude, knowing how to show our own affection and emotions without deficiencies and affective dependencies, and having an optimistic vision of life with a sense of humor.

–    Ability to live and integrate himself with others in any community.

–    Ability to communicate with others in a positive way, without prejudices and stereotypes.

–    Unconditional acceptance of the other with empathy.

–    Constant attitude of welcome, kindness, understanding, and of free and disinterested service.

–    To know how to give up personal likes in order to assume the needs of the community and the Congregation.

–    Aptitude to integrate himself and to work with others as a team.